The « Raid Passion Désert » is an off-road rally open to motorcycles, quads, SSVs, and SUVs, organized by Sud Raids Aventures and Pro Raids Organisation, with the aim of exploring the desert. The 18th edition will take place in Morocco from October 15 to October 25, 2022.

The route, both technical and sandy, has been specially designed for motorcyclists, quad riders, and SSV drivers, catering to all skill levels.

Emphasizing a non-competitive spirit, there is no concept of speed, allowing participants to ride at their own pace. Each day covers a distance ranging from 250 to 350 kilometers.

As the raid is not a race, the roadbook serves for navigation purposes but is not a competition document. The ranking system is solely based on regularity and not on speed. The objective is to closely match the distance covered by the lead vehicle and pass through the checkpoints. Every rider is equipped with a “Data Logger,” a GPS recorder that will be collected at the end of each stage to establish an accurate ranking.

Benefits of the Raid Passion Désert :

  • Genuine rally organization and assistance without the constraints of a race.
  • An exceptional route, characterized by diverse landscapes and an enjoyable driving experience for participants.
  • Guaranteed camaraderie and a positive atmosphere.
  • Open and accessible to everyone.
  • Escape routes are always available to prevent turning the enjoyment into a struggle.
  • Mechanical assistance, 5 medicalized vehicles, start and finish checkpoints, satellite geolocation beacons, multiple daily passage controls, and a medical assistance helicopter ensure maximum safety throughout the raid.
  • A “tire assistance” truck will be present during the raid.
  • Half-board is provided every day, regardless of the accommodation type.
  • Raid closing ceremony with awards presentation (ranking based on regularity).

The solidarity aspect of the adventure

The logistical support for the event is provided by Sud Raids Aventures, an association located in Mazan (84), which, for the past 32 years, has been responsible for the transportation of donations collected beforehand during the Desert Passion Raid, as well as other sporting events. During the raid, these donations are received by the “Moroccan Foundation for Youth, Initiative, and Development” (M.J.I.D), a recognized public utility association that is actively involved through activist, innovative, and strategically positioned initiatives in impoverished neighborhoods and disadvantaged rural areas in Morocco.

Here are some examples of donations transported and distributed by Sud Raids Aventures :

  • Medical equipment (donated by the Carpentras hospital) to Togo and Mali (2 semi-trailers).
  • Food for the Restos du Cœur, specifically for the Mazan branch.
  • Clothing and medical supplies as part of the Friendship Raid.

Personally, it was important for me to contribute to the solidarity aspect of the adventure. That’s why, in addition to the actions carried out by the organization, I chose to donate €400, split between the “Enfants du Désert” and the “French Red Cross” associations. To learn more about their actions and missions, feel free to check out the dedicated blog article.

Key dates

  • October 1-2 weekend : Transport of the motorcycle to Sud Raids Aventures in Mazan.
  • October 12 : Departure for Morocco.
  • October 14 : Meeting in Fes for technical and administrative checks.
  • October 15 : Stage Fes – Midelt. Orchards, cedar forests, canyon.
  • October 16 : Midelt – Erfoud. Arid and rocky plateaus, small passes, wadi bottoms.
  • October 17 : Erfoud – Tazzarine. Sand dunes.
  • October 18 : Tazzarine – Tazzarine. Easy tracks, small pass, palm grove.
  • October 19 : Tazzarine – Erfoud. Vast rolling plateaus, wadi, sand sea, chotts, plateau.
  • October 20 : Erfoud – Erfoud. Merzouga dunes.
  • October 21 : Erfoud – Missour. Oasis, plateau, wadi valley, or mountain pass.
  • October 22 : Missour – Missour. Arid plateaus and medium mountain tracks.
  • October 23 : Missour – Matarka. Desert plateaus, wadi crossings.
  • October 24 : Matarka – Saidia. Desert plateaus, then olive and almond plantations, forest pass.
  • October 25 : Awards ceremony in the evening.