Motorcycle, Medicine, and Adventure: My Experience in Raid and Medical Assistance

Welcome to, the meeting place for motorcycle, travel, and adventure enthusiasts. I’m Lena, and like you, I never tire of feeling the wind of freedom while riding my motorcycle. Explore my two-wheeled world and discover my past and future journeys.

Immersed in adventure

Dive into my stories, from the sandy trails of Morocco to the Pink Lake of Senegal. Explore my blog to access a summary of my experiences in raids, whether as a rider or as a doctor. You will also discover the media coverage I received in preparation for the Desert Passion Raid.

My latest adventure took me to Tunisia for the Rally Training Camp, organized by France Roadbook, from November 4 to 11, 2023. I attended to enhance my skills, hoping to join the medical team and provide assistance while riding my motorcycle.

Medical assistance in action

Discover the world of on-field medical assistance. Follow my missions in collaboration with the A.M.I.S Enduro association and immerse yourself in the medical action during these sports events.


I’ve put together a toolbox full of tips and lessons learned throughout my adventures. Since I plan to keep learning, additional information will be regularly added.