We were looking forward to it… Spring has arrived! It’s up to us to ride our beautiful machines, in search of escape and sensations!

To celebrate, here’s some news!

2024 Projects

Appointments that have already been scheduled:

  • Grappe de Cyrano with AMIS, April 19-21.
  • Hard Défi Tour, June 7-9.
  • Trail Adventure Days with AMIS, June 28-30.

Wishlist :

  • Go back to Senegal and discover other African countries, this time with my family.
  • Return to the Sahara by motorbike… Because it still fascinates me. More particularly in the Mauritanian desert that I discovered in a 4×4 last year.
  • Medicalize a rally-raid on a motorcycle.

Preparing the motorcycle

Starting point :

On the way back from the Rally Training Camp in Tunisia, I entrusted my bike to Greg, from Alltracks Mechanic, who did a nice overhaul and untwisted my muffler!

He had already changed my bearings before leaving and I had replaced the 52-tooth sprocket with a 50-tooth one, and I really enjoyed driving. I now find the bike less “brutal” in certain conditions. For example, when I downshift to pass a slightly trickier area, the acceleration is smoother, the throttle variations make the bike jerky less.

New in 2024 :

  • Since the time I had been advised to do so, I finally decided to have her put down! To do this, we dismantled the fork tubes and the shock absorber so that TB Suspensions could do what was necessary. I can’t wait to test the difference on the pitch! 
  • I’m also going to have to change my tires and BIBs soon. I’d like to do it myself this year. Looking at the Youtube tutorial it looks doable. All I have to do is buy 3 or 4 tire levers (with stops!) and build up my arms!
  • I also wanted to put my small tank back on, which is more suitable for my interventions with AMIS. But it didn’t go as planned!

I couldn’t get the submersible pump all the way in. I was almost there, helped by a wire that I used as a guide, but nothing helps, I can’t get the “elbow” and get the pump out.

To top it all off, after yet another unsuccessful attempt, I put the cap back on badly and forced it to close… As a result, it is impossible to reopen it! 

Physical preparation

I forced myself to go back to training on a more regular basis. Between skipping rope and muscle strengthening, I try to keep the rhythm to be in shape as soon as I get back to work.

Tracks preparation

Winter rolling :

This winter in Haute-Savoie, like many places in France, we had very little snow, which allowed us to take the bikes out more often than usual at this season.

We still had to put our wheels on the white coat, and I have to say that I did better than expected. And even if we weren’t able to complete the loop as planned, we spotted a few paths that are promising for the future!


This year I’m going to find out more about the practicability of the paths, what is allowed, what is not… Even if I’ve already looked into the question, it’s quite complicated, with a lot of subtleties… 

Codever seems to be in the best position to provide answers, so I think I’ll decide to join it soon.

To start with, I found a super interesting Youtube video where they talk about the main points.

I learned a lot of things!

Path: must be wide enough to allow a 4-wheeled vehicle to pass. Otherwise: single track. 

Single-track : traffic is prohibited unless there is a rural track.

Rural track: private property of the municipality but open to public traffic unless it is clearly posted. Whatever its condition (even if it has become single due to lack of maintenance), if there are no signs or barriers, you can go.

Private track: you have the right to drive on it if there is no obvious prohibition and if it’s passable, i.e. you must be able to use it with a vehicle not prepared for off-road use (sedan style).

Off-track : forbidden everywhere. 

Cadastre (visible on Geoportal): allows you to see if the path is open to public traffic but be careful: not always updated (municipality that exchanges a path with a farmer for example). A lane is open to public traffic if the entrance is open on the perpendicular (there is no line). If there is a line, it is assumed to be a private road, which will be confirmed if a parcel number is found by following it.

In any case: there’s nothing better than checking in the field !!

To see the video


I had to buy a GPS again because I broke the LCD screen of mine during the Trail Adventure Days 2023 and couldn’t find the right screen to replace it myself.

I was starting to look at the ads on Le Bon Coin, ready to buy a second-hand GPS, and I finally thought of asking Garmin directly.

They then offered to exchange my broken GPS for the same refurbished model, obviously making me pay less for it than a new one (I paid a little more than 90€ with shipping costs, while you can find it new on the internet between 200 and 250 €).

I just received it, it is in perfect condition and seems to be working well.

I hope you are as eager as I am to put your projects into shape and wish you beautiful moments at the handlebars of your adventure companion!

See you soon !!