The challenge for me was to properly distribute my belongings among the suitcase, travel bag, and backpack that I’ll take on the plane. Not everything fits in the cabin, so if something is forgotten, it could be complicated.

Since this is my first raid, I quickly get confused about what will be in my backpack during the raid, what will remain in the travel bag or suitcase, what can go directly with the motorcycle, what I need to plan for the two days between my arrival and the start of the raid, what can or cannot go in the cabin… lots of details that, in the end, aren’t trivial.

Fortunately, a participant offered to help and sent me his checklist with his distribution. It’s the fifth time he’s done it, so I think he knows what he’s talking about.

I made a few modifications, but I largely followed his list!

I’m not taking a spare fuel bladder, and I can find tires on site if needed.

As for food, I’m mainly planning electrolytes to add to the water, cereal bars, dried fruits, and fruit pastes to boost me during the day. Still, I’m also counting on Moroccan couscous and tagines for some midday meals. Breakfasts and dinners are included in the registration fees.