On August 15th, I had an appointment with Julien near Rodez at his Air Globe training center.

A friend had mentioned my project to him, and he kindly offered me a day of enduro training.

The weekend before, I was supposed to provide medical assistance at the Aveyronnaise Classic, but it was canceled due to the wildfires that broke out all around. Honestly, I almost canceled because it meant a lot of travel for just one day, but instead, I loaded up my truck and motorcycle, and I ended up enjoying a 4-day extension of my vacation, first around Lake Salagou and then in Rodez.

I made a really good decision! This training day was very important for me.

Firstly, it helped me get back into the groove with the motorcycle. I hadn’t ridden for several weeks, and I struggled to truly “align” with my bike, which is crucial (Julien would certainly agree).

I wasn’t focused, and I felt like I was more reactive than proactive. We revisited the riding position, techniques for taking turns, and I even intentionally lifted both wheels off the track!

As the day progressed, I gradually gained confidence. I became more flexible on the footpegs, and I increased my acceleration.

However, I was exhausted, and I didn’t push for more when we stopped for the day.

Clearly, I still have work to do in the time remaining before the departure to improve my physical condition and reinforce everything I’ve learned.

It was another day filled with valuable lessons and a great encounter with Julien. He provided me with plenty of advice related to the raid, from protective gear to dietary recommendations, visualization to riding techniques.



Activity address :
6 km to Rodez
Route de Villecomtal
Lieu dit La Vayssiere -12740 SEBAZAC CONCOURES
Coordonnées GPS : 44°26’32.52″N 2°34’46.23″E

Correspondence address :
Air Globe, 1 rue du Manoir, Bat D 12510 Olemps.

06 20 76 95 28