The month of June was crucial in my preparation… it’s the month when I changed my mind!!

I decided to participate not in the Trophée Roses des Sables but in the RAID PASSION DESERT!!

Why this change?

I had doubts last month, but I reconsidered after discussing it with my “coach” from the Trophée Roses des Sables, which reassured me. Also, I had made good progress, and I knew I could finalize the budget on time. After investing so much in the preparation of the Trophée Roses des Sables, I didn’t have the courage to upheave everything less than 6 months before departure!

However, when we received the final registration invoice, I saw the cost increasing over and over again. I already found it quite steep initially, especially compared to other rallies.

During the preparation, I met people familiar with the rally-raid world, and they had already hinted at the situation. It was from that moment that I began considering canceling my registration in the Trophée and opting for another organization.

Changing one’s mind is all well and good, but it means calling back all the sponsors and friends who committed to the adventure and explaining the reasons for this choice. It also means letting go of dozens of hours and hundreds of euros invested in creating logos, tote bags, stickers, flyers… it’s also the promise of some additional hours of work to update the website.

But once the decision is made in my mind, it’s difficult for me to continue on a path that no longer seems the best. That’s also a bit why I embarked on this adventure, daring to make choices!

And then, I heard about this raid, the Raid Passion Désert, which takes place almost at the same time as the Trophée, on the tracks and dunes of Morocco. A raid that seems more “family-oriented,” a less massive operation… and thus aligns better with my vision of such an experience.

I pondered for a long time and took the plunge! So, it’s official now; the KTM and I will set off on October 15th for the Raid Passion Désert, under team number 229!

What is the "Raid Passion Désert" ?

Apart from the fact that registration is open to both women and men, the principle is roughly the same as the Trophée, meaning an orientation race without a speed element, bringing together teams with motorcycles, 4x4s, quads, and SSVs.

For safety reasons, we are required to have a GPS, but we navigate using the roadbook on tracks through rocky plateaus, mountain passes, wadi beds, and off-road on the Sahara dunes.

The ranking system is solely based on regularity. The goal is to get as close as possible to the distance covered by the lead vehicle and to pass through the checkpoint controls. Each rider will be equipped with a “Data Logger,” a GPS recorder that will be collected at the end of each stage to establish an accurate ranking.

Nights are spent in hotels or bivouacs.

Versant solidaire de l'aventure:

The logistical support for the event is provided by Sud Raids Aventures, an association located in Mazan (84), which, for 32 years, has also been responsible for transporting donations collected in advance during the Raid Passion Désert and other events, particularly sports-related. During the Raid, these donations are received by the “Fondation Marocaine pour la Jeunesse, l’Initiative et le Développement” (Moroccan Foundation for Youth, Initiative, and Development), a recognized public utility association that is actively engaged through militant, innovative actions, well-positioned in the heart of deprived neighborhoods and disadvantaged rural areas in Morocco.

Here are some examples of donations transported and distributed by Sud Raids Aventures:

  1. Transport of hospital equipment (donated by Carpentras hospital) to Togo and Mali (2 semi-trailers).
  2. Transportation of goods for “Restos du Cœur” (a French charitable organization providing food to those in need), specifically for the Mazan branch.
  3. Transport of clothing and medical equipment as part of the Raid de l’Amitié.
  4. Transport of clothing, medical equipment, and school supplies (student desks) as part of SHAMROCK.
  5. Donations to the Moroccan Foundation for Youth, Initiative, and Development (M.J.I.D) in ERFOUD (Morocco).
  6. Donation of 6 ambulances (firefighters and private) for the maternity service in the Erfoud region.
  7. Donation of €3500 for the renovation of a school in southern Morocco.
  8. Transport of clothing and school supplies as part of the Raid Passion Désert.
  9. In the 15th, 16th, and 17th Raid Passion Désert: donations of 30 wheelchairs, including 8 electric ones, as well as batches of bicycles, clothing, medicines, and computer equipment.

Estimated Budget

The estimated budget includes:

  • €2095 for registration fees.
  • €460 for transporting the motorcycle, the trunk, and a sports bag to Morocco.
  • €115 for mandatory cancellation insurance.
  • €200 for midday meals.
  • €300 for fuel.
  • Between €200 and €300 for the purchase of the GPS.
  • Repatriation insurance.
  • Transfer to Morocco by boat or plane.

All of this adds up to a total of approximately €4000, whereas for the Trophée Roses des Sables, one had to budget around €7500 for comparable services. For instance, the rental of the “Data Logger” is included in the registration price here, while the Trophée Roses des Sables charges €755 for the mandatory rental of the geolocation system (in addition to the €4800 registration fees).

So, for all these reasons, I chose the Raid Passion Désert instead of the Trophée Roses des Sables. On paper, the “specifications” seem to be met; now, I just have to see it in reality. In any case, I am truly convinced that I made the right choice. Well, it’s true that I could have decided earlier, but better late than never, as they say!

Thanks !!

To all my partners who have been there from the beginning and continue to support me despite this change, and to my friends who contributed to the fundraiser, helped me financially or in any other way, and who support me in my choice!

We’re going to experience something great, you’ll see! 😉