On the 25th and 26th of June, I headed to Ambert, in Auvergne, to join the A.M.I.S team at the paddock of the Rand’Auvergne.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t bring my motorcycle due to the truck breaking down just 2 days before!

Upon arrival, technical checks for motorcycles were underway for the riders.

Saturday started under a clear blue sky. I was scheduled as the fixed medic for special stage 1 in the morning and special stage 5 in the afternoon.

After spending about an hour at special stage 1, accompanied by the Mobile Unit of First Aid (UMPS) team and 2 paramedics, a young girl from the organization came to inform us that there was an injured participant.

We reached the location of the fall by truck, but to access the rider, we had to pass under barbed wires in a sloping field.

He immediately mentioned that he thought his hip was dislocated, and he was correct.

While attending to him, a motorcycle narrowly avoided us, followed by two others within a few minutes.

It was impossible to reduce the dislocation on-site and transport him by road. Accessing the location was already complicated, and furthermore, he would have had to be taken to the hospital via small roads for over an hour to reach Clermont-Ferrand. Ambert had a hospital, but no surgical emergency services.

We decided to call the SMUR (Mobile Emergency and Resuscitation Service) to send a helicopter.

While waiting for its arrival, we were able to administer a perfusion and initial pain relief to the rider.

To allow the helicopter to land, the special stage had to be interrupted, and ultimately, by the time the evacuation was complete, the race organizers decided to cancel it entirely. Ouch, they will remember me! But no regrets; it was the right decision!

Since the special stage was canceled, I arrived well ahead of schedule for the next one. Just in time to have the barbecue paid for by the members of the organization!

Everything went smoothly on special stage 5 despite a heavy storm in the middle of the afternoon (which also led to the cancellation of special stage 4, in addition to stage 1 in the morning)!

After pushing the UMPS 4×4 and the private ambulance (yes, the Clio passed through perfectly!), we could finally return to the paddock for a well-deserved aperitif and meal!! The rain even eventually subsided.

The next day, wake-up at 5:30 to be in position for special stage 6 at 6:45!

Under rain from the morning! We wondered if the race would continue despite everything, but it eventually calmed down, and the storm turned into a light drizzle.

No injuries in the morning.

After picking up a colleague’s son, we went, still with UMPS, to special stage 9. The rain finally almost stopped, and there were no injuries in my sector in the afternoon.

I could hit the road directly to head back home.

Initially, I was frustrated and disappointed not to have my motorcycle, and I even brought my gear just in case. Anyway, it was planned that I would only ride on Sunday because the Saturday route was more challenging. But honestly, I ultimately had no regrets! Considering the weather, I think I would have struggled!

It was still a very good weekend!

Thanks, A.M.I.S!! 😉