On Saturday, May 14, we organized, with Aline and Damien from the French’Rouille band, a concert evening at the Café des Sports in Saint-Gervais!

Aline and Damien are two friends I met on the other side of the world, in New Caledonia, 8 years ago now… I adore them, and I know how passionate they are about music!

When I was in New Caledonia, I loved attending their rehearsals and concerts!

They had us singing and dancing all evening, to the rhythm of the accordion, guitar, and musical saw!!

I am very happy that we could put together this evening!

We also organized a raffle and a game to help fund my participation in the Trophée.

For the raffle, the prizes were varied thanks to the collaboration of:

– La Maison Les Chandelles / French Retro Ride 

– La cave des 2 Seigneur

– Léon d’la Savoie

La Pharmacie du Soleil

The game we had planned was quite simple: to estimate the weight of a ham! The person closest to the exact number won! It was a huge success! I think almost everyone played it! Célia and Jeff from the pizzeria “La Felice” offered me this ham, and I thank them again!

We had a really great time!!

Thanks again to Clément from the Café des Sports in Saint-Gervais for his support and for making this evening possible!

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