I had the immense joy of exhibiting at the Lyon 2 Wheels Show from March 3rd to 6th, at Eurexpo…

A fantastic experience that I am delighted to have lived thanks to my project!!!

I will cherish the meetings and reunions, the real-life discovery of some people I “knew” virtually through networks, the overall good mood, the joy of being able to drop the masks, the beautiful motorcycles, the contacts of new people willing to help me, the good spirits of my roommates and my stand neighbors, the kindness of Christelle, Charlotte, and Alice, your kindness as well, your support, and encouragement!!

In short, four intense days that were worth experiencing!!


The preparations

Exchanges and meetings

I don’t have everyone in the photos, but THANK YOU to all the people who came to share their good vibes with me!!!

Special Adventurous Happy Hour Talk at the Wildust Sisters and Two Wheels Therapy booth on Saturday, March 5th

Christelle and Charlotte kindly invited us along with Alice, who is developing the ‘Women and Motorcycles’ concept, a motorcycle festival exclusively for women ( https://femmesetmoto.com/ ), so that we could talk about our respective projects. I was quite nervous about speaking on the microphone in front of all these people who were there for us, but it turned out to be a very good moment!

Thanks again to you, girls!!


Two Wheels Therapy’s mission is to take us on unique experiences where motorcycles take center stage, in an atmosphere of sisterhood, well-being, sharing, discovery, and self-improvement… In short! Real beautiful getaways for a few days… to be repeated as many times as desired.

You can discover the trips offered by Christelle by clicking here


Wildust Sisters is a compassionate feminist brand that offers clothing and accessories for modern heroines. Wildust embodies Freedom and Adventure, created by women, for women! The brand aspires to provide quality clothing and accessories for riders, adventurers, and everyday heroines.

Click here to discover the brand developed by Charlotte

The Team "Travel Space"

Talk about being in good company!! Great neighbors and roommates during these 4 days!!

Thanks again to Rémy from PicAdventure for the interview and the beautiful photos!!


Once again, a huge thank you to my sponsors who make this adventure possible and also keep me motivated during this lengthy preparation!!

And then ??

My participation in the 2 Wheels Show allowed me to gather numerous contacts, and I hope to solidify partnerships with them.

I now have a press kit that complements the documents I use to present the project. You can check it out in the dedicated article.

I also met a new sponsor who should provide the textile equipment for the rally… As I am superstitious, I am waiting for the final confirmation before announcing it officially!!

And there it is, the motorcycle has come out of its winter hideaway; I finally got to ride again!! Starting with the Desert Sled for commuting to work, and then with the KTM from March 27th for my next riding training with Jean-Pierre!!

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See you very soon for the next update!!