The first mission of February was to restore the KTM to its original colors

A nice little opportunity to ride a bit with it, to take it out of its winter cave and bring it home.

Not used to the Alpine weather, it played a few tricks on me… starting with a speedometer that stopped while riding or displayed a reverse speed of 250 km/h… then, after a short break to put it in the garden, a complete and permanent engine shutdown!! It seems the motorcycle prefers the heat of the desert to the cold mountains…

I decide to stay calm! Everything in its own time: take care of the decal kit as planned and then see about the rest…

So here’s my recipe for removing the decal kit from a motorcycle:

Ingredients :

  • A long-haired female rider
  • A hairdryer
  • At least 2 clean cloths
  • Acetone (2 bottles)
  • Elbow grease

Instructions :

Find a sunny spot. (Acetone cools the fingers!)

Start with a small area to get an idea.

Gently heat the sticker to be removed with the hairdryer and pull slowly from a corner.

At first, I heated gradually from the area where I was pulling, but in the end, I heated the entire sticker and then pulled. I realized it left less glue on the motorcycle.

I noticed that the more I heated the area, the harder it was for the glue to come off in one piece, and the more it remained on the motorcycle.

Repeat the operation for each sticker in the decal kit.

Once they have all been removed, move on to the glue residues, the most challenging part if you have heated the area too much before…

Take a clean cloth and soak it with acetone. Gently rub the glue residues with the cloth.

If there is a lot of glue initially, don’t hesitate to apply generous doses of acetone several times to the same area to gradually soften the glue and remove it later. Don’t hesitate to change the cloth because it quickly gets filled with glue…

It’s better to gently rub in a circular motion at first and then push the residual glue balls always in the same direction to avoid spreading it everywhere.

Handle each area like this until everything is removed.

Caution: Depending on the type of covered plastic, acetone can leave a white mark if you have to rub a lot! This happened to me on a type of protective cover… In that case, I wiped it a few times with a wet sponge, and it faded.
By the way, write to me in the comments if you have a solution to make sure not to leave any traces at all!

Admire your motorcycle regaining its original look!!

There you go, you’ve got your motorcycle all naked, all beautiful… give it a good jet wash to clean it if you haven’t done so before, and you’re done!!!